Choreographer / Assistant Choreographer
Brief info

Camerons strengths lie in creating high energy , dynamic, character led work. He
is passionate, energetic and personable and he strives to champion a creative
positive working environment that challenges and inspires artists.

Energetic – Dynamic – Story Driven

  • Cameron has worked extensively both in the UK and abroad for the past 10 years. He is committed to continuing his efforts to give back to underfunded and underrepresented aspiring artists.
  • Work includes: a portfolio of work for Royal Caribbean including ​Mamma Mia and their in-house shows​ Blue Planet​ and ​Spooktacular​. Tui Holiday Resorts (Ted Group), ​The Good Ole Days​ (Leeds City Varieties), ​Snow White (Imagine Theatre), L’OREAL Hair Show and work for MGA Academy (Edinburgh) and SLP college (Leeds).

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